Kathy Rees introducing the guest speaker, Mr. Norman Kunkel.                                                    






Norman Kunkel, the surviving AFS ambulance driver delivering a speech. He challenged each and every AFSer to uphold the mission of AFS, that is to promote peace and understanding in the world.





AFSGPS Area Chair, David Tremaine with Norman Kunkel, answering questions from the audience. 






Kathy Rees addressing a group of foreign students                  







 A group of foreign students listening






Kathy Rees talked about the September 11 attacks on the WTC to a group of foreign exchange students. Kathy informed the students that AFS is very concern about the safety of the students here in the United States and abroad. The students were also informed that the students in New York are all safe.


    Steve Balaski leading a group meeting






Students were broken up into small groups to discuss their experiences in the US and their goals for the year.