Host with AFS Greater Puget Sound

AFS Greater Puget Sound is looking for host families for the 203-2004 school year. Are you thinking about hosting a student this year?

Below are some questions families often ask.  

What makes AFS special?

  • AFS is a volunteer organization

  • AFS participants are carefully selected

  • AFS provides ongoing support


 An AFS volunteer leads a support group at fall orientation.

Who can host?

All kinds of families can be wonderful hosts.  AFS's criteria for hosting is a secure, flexible, interested household of people genuinely interested in sharing their lives with a teenager.

Each year AFS GPS has a day at Safeco Field to see the Mariners.  Elena of Italy and her host dad are holding up the sign they made to cheer on the Mariners.  Dad and daughter had a great day!!

Does AFS pay host families?

AFS does not pay families to host students.  AFS host families choose to open their homes not for financial gains, but for the unforgettable rewards that accrue from sharing with a young person from another culture. 

What are host families expected to provide?  

You supply love, moral support, comfort and basic needs.  The cost depends on a number factors.  A major cost factor is your family's lifestyle and level of expenditure.  The student will bring his/her own spending money.

Who pays medical expenses?

AFS students have their own medical coverage.  

How long will the student live with the host family?

Year program students stay for approximately 11months, and semester students for six months.  They will attend your local high school.

If you would like additional information on hosting a student click "ME"