YEARBOOK 1995-1996

This page contains true stories and pictures of the AFS exchange students in the Seattle Eastside Area.

NO, they're not naked.....go wash your mind with soap!!!!

Once upon a time...in a country far, far away....

For some reason everybody always enjoyed coming over to our house. Not just to "chill out", but because we had the best birthday parties for miles around. (literally!!) Anyway, we had quite a bunch of sleep overs. Sleeping bags would cover all the floor space and the couch was a precious asset (to whomever got it first...). Luckily there would always be somebody there to make breakfast for the early birds.

Wanna Walk??

Since we're so close to Seattle (Grunge capital of the world), we like to attend some concerts from time to time. I don't think you're supposed to take pictures...but there's a solution for every problem (AFS rule #4).

So that's what we did. We went to see Green Day, Sweetwater and 10.000 shades of gray. We had a lot of fun. Found out that crowd surfing is an ageless sport and last but not least...enjoyed those fine tunes

Then we did a fund raiser. (Money isn't everything...but it sure is nice!!) The students decided that they wanted to have a midstay. So we needed some cash flow (we were just founded and therefore broke). After some brainstorming we decided to do an international dinner. It was a success...thanx again to all our supporters.

The secret behind it all was teamwork. The exchange students did most of the job. We planned, cooked , decorated, entertained our guests,...

By this time it had become December and it was time to go downtown for some Christmas shopping. So we jumped in our sleigh and drove to the great lights at the horizon. We met Santa Claus and his elves. Bought some presents to send to the families back home and of course something for ourselves.

We gained some more pounds (Another Fat Student) and before we even realized it our mid-stay was there. We jumped in our AFS ski bus and went skiing and snow boarding at Mt. Baker. And did some apres-ski in our cabins. Not to mention the numerous snow fights and armies of snowmen

We also did a tour of the Seattle underground. This was fun because the tour started in a bar, a unique chance for us to experience the inside of an American bar.

(Yes, we're minors.)

And then of course there's always the everyday life of an exchange student: study in school, hang out with friends, go shopping with your host parents, go to dances, take senior pictures, do AFS presentations, sleep,party,...

And in the end ...

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