YEARBOOK 1996-1997

Foos BAll!! Mid stay orientation at the Sahalie ski Club
L-R: Ana, Danilo, Micaheala, Charlotte, Karina, Charlotte, Marco and Ale. Halloween 
L-R: Carina, friend, Elif, Kjersti, Evr, Celine, Karina, Alvara, Carlos, Rejane, Ulrike and Felix
AFS Puyallup!! Hslloween
Clockwise from top: Lotta, Elif, Heilyn and Evrim
River Rafting on the beautiful, wet and wild Skykomisch River.
Michaela, Nadine, Ale, Johannes, Ana, Marie, Charlotte, Marco, friend, Kuno, and friend
L-R: Alvaro, Karina, Thomas, Juani, Friend, Maki, Kuno and Charlotte.
L-R: Ale, Karine and Michaela
L-R: Ulrike, Lotta and Felix
L-R Backrow: Felix, Alvaro, Lotta, Thmoas
L-R Frontroz: Carlos, Ulrike, Evrim, Rejane
The gang at Kathy's house after a YMCA get together. As usual, another night of sleep deprivation!